Answers for parents looking for support

All parents, whether we start off confident or terrified, face endless moments of confusion as our kids mature.

Do some of these quotes sound familiar?

  • “My child used to be able to care about the family but suddenly doesn’t seem to.”
  • “They used to think for themselves but now they want me to tell them what to do all the time!”
  • “They didn’t use to lie but now they do.”
  • “Why do they seem to understand why they shouldn’t do something but then they just go and do it again?”
  • “Why do they want to be just like their friends? Should I be refusing to support this?”
  • “Why do they stay friends with this kid in their class, they are so mean to my child but my child adores them!?”
  • “Why do I feel so angry about them refusing to do what I ask?”
  • “How come I can’t stick to the rules we set? In fact why do I hate rules?”
Is it just your child? Is it just you? Why do these things seem to suddenly appear out of nowhere?

And how come nothing you do seems to make much of an impact?

Kids develop and change over time

If you’ve read some parenting books you may have learned about the developmental stages children move through as they grow up. But development doesn’t just play out in what the child can learn. Kids develop in…

  • their capacity to understand and use rules,
  • their sense of who and what they are,
  • their ability to relate to others and much more.

And so do you…

Integral Theory and STAGES developmental model both provide some amazing places to explore inside your own growth and development as well as learning to be the best support for your child on their own journey. We want to offer those starting points as well as a range of other resources to awaken you fully into the richness and dynamism that is parenting.

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