Challenges to Saying No

Learning how to say “No” to your child without feeling terrible afterwards, can be one of the trickest processes in parenting. There are some fundamental building blocks on which this super power sits.

Block 1 – You are allowed to say “No”

Block 2 – “No” is the end of a longer conversation, be present and aware in that conversation

Block 3 – “No” is not a feeling, it is a statement of your intent.

Block 4 – “No” can change to “Yes”: Learning how to set appropriate parameters for your children and yourself.

Learning program

  • Download Workbook ( The “No-Book”) and Session 1 Webinar to watch in your own time -: Where is your “No” right now? Can you say “No”? Can children say “No”?
  • No-Book – “No” Analysis – Does “No” always mean no for you? How is “No” perceived by different cultures and most importantly, in your own family culture.
  • Watch Session 2 Webinar in your own time -: Will “No” require anger? How can “No” be part of loving another person? How is “No” part of our own story and history? Complete the No-Book
  • Coaching Session – Unpacking your No-Book self-research and setting your statement of intent for “No” in your life
  • Live Q and A and opportunity to share learnings and practices

Further Coaching Sessions can be purchased at the discount rate at completion of this course.