Coaching and Mentoring

Whether you are an educator by profession or be default in your role as a parent, we all find ourselves in need of support from others. By booking in a session with me we can work on what you need and how best you can find it. There are two distinct options to choose from.


I offer a coaching program to both parents and teachers – designed to improve your skillset in the direction you identify. I will be there to support you in developing skills and strategies as well as being an authentic and honest ally.

Coaching sessions can be scaled in time, content and cost to suit your needs. The most important thing is that you find the support to grow and awaken.


Mentoring is available for teachers – As a positive and supportive critical friend, I can work with you to hone your skillset and shift your growth in the area you are aiming for.

Mentoring is aimed at shifting your perspective to see you grow and develop as you need. All mentoring partnerships involve a high level of trust and co-investigation. I need to know your growth edge and I will share mine. The most important part of the process is to work together.