Capacity Check

The Capacity Check (CC) was developed by Wendy and Jen to facilitate greater presence in the moment at the start of meetings or when partners want to ensure they are acknowledging each other.

How does it work?

There are a number of ways to use the CC and in coaching I incorporate a CC diary as well. But as a standalone tool there are two specific ways it can be used:

Meeting Check-In – Check-ins at the start of meetings have become ubiquitous. They always seem to either take too long or seem difficult to stay focused on when you want to get into the meeting discussion! In this context the CC can be passed around the group and participants can point to where they are. The rules require everyone to be watching and no-one talks. There is no clarification of the level of capacity indicated unless asked for.

In this context, the response is firmly based around using this specific phrase to start off the process:

“In this moment, for this meeting, my capacities are…”

Stand alone on permanent display – The fixed CC can be used as part of your morning/afternoon or evening check-in. This uses a magnet system, with the CC mounted on a magnet board or on a metal surface. Each team or household member is responsible for updating their capacity when they return to the space. Allowing everyone else to be aware of any changes. It means we can check the CC board, before approaching someone with an awareness of their available capacity.

The downloadable paper version of the CC available here is free, however, you can also purchase a laminated kit with instructions and magnets for $20.