#5 Stay in Active Awareness

Each of the prior Principles unpacks our historical patterns and systems as they have been formed within us and as they are forming for our children. This only serves a useful ongoing purpose in our practice if we keep these parts of our learning story in our Active Awareness:

  • keep ourselves aware of our patterns so that we don’t get lost in them and instead we are able to acknowledge them in an appropriate context, 
  • work with supporting or dislodging them, and then most importantly,
  • keeping our self stories in our periphery whilst we refocus our attention on our students, allowing space in all its dimensions, to provide for the child in front of us.

We awaken our self stories so that we don’t slip into them and pass them to our students who can easily echo the same stories that we have. To take this journey of awakening as an educator is incredibly brave and challenging. The comfortable pattern to slip into is to just ignore our own stories and instead focus our attention on the child’s most obvious urgent needs, as if we can somehow block our own self from the interaction just by ignoring or projecting out our self stories. But of course we can’t. Each of the previous principles clearly identify how closely our journey interlocks with the child: We are learning together, learning in community. 

“The soul is healed by being with children.”
― Fyodor Dostoevsky

Acknowledging who we are and what we need is a system of thinking about ourselves in the world that is a gift to give to our children, to be in awareness but not lost in ourselves. It is the essence of an awakened educator.

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